Set Up

Many homes and businesses in Teller County have tall, challenging areas that need to be cleaned and finished.  We invested heavily in 'single-pole scaffolding' that allows us to safely get right next to our work, up to 50' in the air.  We set up aluminnum poles, then attach pump jacks to the poles that hold aluminum planks.  From this scaffolding we are able to work on your house as if we were right on the ground.  No dangling from a ladder, holding on with one hand and working with the other.  We feel it allows us to do a better job - safer.

From here, we remove your downspouts and wall art, so we can clean and stain behind them.

Cleaning - Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation is a priority to us.  We spend well over half of our time on this task.  By asking you questions, we will determine how much 'prep' will be needed.  Is your wood sunburnt and that black needs to come off?  Is it just dirty and needs to be cleaned to restore the same color?

On many cedar-sided homes we will apply a 'eco-friendly' soap and brightener prior to 'hot water' power-washing.  Soap breaks down the dirt and oils.  Hot water?  We use hot water because it cleans better, faster.  Our 'hot water' power washer can be dialed up to virtually 'steam clean' your home.  This method removes the old deteriorated finish and allows the new finish to penetrate much better.

After the surface has dried, we will sometimes use an 'osborn' brush to remove 'fuzz' that may have been generated by the washing process.  This one additional step is sometimes needed to get the surface ready for staining.

Grinding / Sanding - Surface Preparation

Grinding / Sanding is an alternative to 'Media Blasting' as a way to remove the existing finish.  Cedar-sided homes should never be Media Blasted as cedar is too soft of a species.  On Log Homes, the tops of the logs many times get so sunburnt, that power-washing alone will not accomplish the desired surface prep needed for an even-looking stain job, and more is needed.

Media Blasting Advantages - It goes fast and does get the finish off.  It opens the wood surface to recieve a penetrating stain well.

Media Blasting Disadvantages - Expensive, messy, leaves rough surface.

WE PREFER to Grind / Sand Log Homes.  This method can re-establish the 'knife-edge' look created by the old fashioned draw knife, originally used to peel logs.  This method also opens the wood surface to receive stain well.

In most cases, the cost of 'ginding' is less than the cost of 'media blasting'. 

Then, we tape off your windows and remove your downspouts.

We remove your downspouts so we can clean and stain behind them.

We tape off your windows and doors and cover your decks and all other objects that don't get stained.  Decks are the last thing we do and we try to keep them covered until we are ready to stain them.


Before we start staining, we work with you to get the color you want.  One person's dream is another person's disaster.  We will apply sample colors and different stains onto an area that has been prepped so you can see what various stains will look like on 'your' wood. Many times, what you see on-line, or in a brochure, will be different than what that stain will look like on 'your' wood. So this is an important step.

We typically use airless sprayers to get the chosen stain onto the wood surface, then we 'back-brush' with larger brushes to push the finish deeper into the pores of the wood.  Usually one person spraying and 2 people back-brushing.

Some stains are '1-coat', some stains recommend multiiple coats.  We follow the Manufacturer's Directions (usually). Sometimes the wood surface gets so dry up here that we feel additional coats are needed to get adequate penetration and durability.


Yes, we do windows.  But before we do, we walk around with you to get your approval on the job progress and see if you think we have missed anything.  

After we remove the protective plastic and tape, we will wash the exterior windows affected by our process.  Sadly, most customers find that the inside of their windows need cleaning too.  We can show you what we use, but cleaning the inside windows is not normally included in our bid.  

After we take down our equipment, load our trailers, we repeatedly walk around your house looking for remnants from our work.  Our goal is to have every customer say "WOW, you guys are good."  Thank you for choosing us.