Historical Log Restoration in Manitou Springs

Our customer has had this log home in their family since it was built in 1926.

There was some minor log rot on the lower logs of the bunkhouse and the old concrete chinking was cracking and falling out.  The surface of the logs were very worn but were still in good shape.

We knocked out the old chinking, sanded the logs, applied 2 coats of a water-based stain (Timber Pro UV - Log & Siding), then a 'clear' coat.

We then chinked the original cabin, the addition, and the bunkhouse. 

We recieved an award from the City of Manitou for 'Restoration Excellence of a Historic Home'.

Conifer, CO    Cedar logs with water stains and sunburn

Our customer wanted to sell their home in the near future and was needing curb appeal.

Our 'soap & hot water' method was the perfect prep for this home.  We set up our 'single-pole' scafolding on the tall sides for better, safer, access. 

On these cedar logs we used 'Timber Pro UV' to get the color and desired finish look.  An oil finish on this wood would have turned out much darker.

This home turned out beautiful once again, and sold easily.

Florissant, CO    Lodgepole Logs Sand, Stain, and Chink

The lower logs on this home had weathered and our customer wanted them to match the upper logs that had never been sun-damaged.

We used grinders to remove the old finish and create the 'hand-hewn, knife-drawn' edge look.

Multiple coats of stain, back-brushed in, creates a build-up and shiny final finish.

Backer rod is placed in the joints so chinking material can expand and contract.  New chinking materials have great adhesive and stretching characteristics, unlike the old cement chinking that cracks and falls out.

Top of Indian Creek, Florissant Set-Up, Hot Wash, Stain, Smile

Our customer's cedar-sided home had challenges.  The previous finish had just worn out and the cedar  was getting dark and dirty. This beautiful home had tall sides, lots of glass, and tough access to a few spots.  (Love those architects).  We tied into the roof for safety during our 'set-up'.

Our 'hot water' powerwashers easily removed the old finish to bare wood and we were ready to go.

We removed the lights and downspouts, taped off the glass, then covered the decks and rails.

We applied and 'back-brushed' in 2 color coats of 'TimberPro UV', then follwed it with a coat of 'clear'.

Once again, it turned out beautiful and there were smiles all around.

Conifer, CO  Cedar Home had 2 different stains at different times

Our goal on this customer's home was to get it all to match and to 'pop' visually.

An aggressive hot-water powerwash got all the old finishes off, then we taped it off and started staining.  Two coats of color (Woodland) and a coat of clear.

To give this home some dimension, we painted the vertical corner trim, the window trim, the downspouts, the radon vent pipes, and the facia, a contrasting color.

Everybody was happy.

Woodland Park Cabin gets facelift with new stain and chink

This cabin was cute to begin with but we had to make it cuter.  The finish had worn out, but was able to be hot-washed clean.  This cabin had concrete chinking but it was still intact and we were able to over-coat it with Sashco's Log Jam 'Buff'.

We removed the top rail of the railing and sanded it to bare wood.  We also re-set the deck screws and sanded the deck down to bare wood.  We painted the  railings pickets to match the shutters and the front door.

The owner was quite artistic and did some neat animal carvings and woodburning into the shutters.

Nice touch.